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Google Maps
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Google Maps 免費應用程序,將地圖,行車路線,商家列表等更多在您的口袋裡。借助全新的谷歌縱橫功能,查看朋友的位置和狀態消息,並與他們分享您的。


Google地圖行動版「Google地圖」行動版的「我的位置」服務可讓您無需使用GPS,即可擷取目前的位置。我的位置接近你的當前位置在地圖上,通常在1000米內,通過識別從移動塔廣播信息,在某些情況下,Wi-Fi信號,在你附近。 Google地圖移動版還使用內置GPS,或者可以鏈接到藍牙GPS傳感器,以更準確地定位您的位置。


 Map and satellite views
Google Maps provides both map and satellite views of an area. The user interface feels like Google Maps does on the desktop. You can scroll in a direction to see more of the map, or zoom in and out using shortcut keys.

 Driving directions
Google Maps makes it easy to get turn-by-turn driving directions. Thanks to the My Location feature, you do not even have to enter your starting point.

 Transit directions
Check bus and subway schedules, determine what transfers you

 Business listings
Google's local search engine allows you to search for businesses by name (e.g. "Starbucks"), or by type (e.g. "coffee"). View store hours and ratings, and then dial the business you're interested in with a single click. Thanks to My Location, it's easy to find nearby businesses without even having to enter your current location.

 Street View
View street level imagery of addresses, businesses, and turns in directions in much of the US, Australia, Japan, and parts of Europe.

Google Maps will turn highways green, yellow, or red, based on real-time traffic data.

Bookmark your favorite places so that you can easily return to them on the map.


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